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Professional Construction Services


General Contracting

General Contracting is the more common and traditional delivery method of construction services. The owner normally selects the architect/engineer and the general contractor, having a separate contract with each party. The contracts most often used on a general contracting project include lump-sum, cost-plus-a-fee, and Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). The general contractor hires and organizes all necessary workers/subcontractors for a construction job. They also provide materials, obtain necessary permits, schedule inspections, comply with all building codes and see the project through to completion.


Design-Build method of construction is used to deliver a project in which the design and construction services are contracted by a single entity known as the design–builder or design–build contractor. The owner selects the contractor, and the contractor then provides the design and construction of the project.

This method provides the owner with a single-source of accountability, allowing the owner freedom to avoid acting as the mediator for any disputes between contractor and architect/engineer. Design-Build allows for fast-track construction of a project which can allow for earlier occupancy by the owner as well as reduced interim financing costs. The contractor is also able to acquire critical materials sooner as well as schedule self-performed work and work of subcontractors for greater efficiency and effectiveness.


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Construction Management

Construction Management is a professional service that uses specialized project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project, from its beginning to its end. It is most effective when employed from the beginning of a project. This allows the owner, the Construction Management Manager (CMM) and the design professionals to collaborate in order to achieve a constructible design reducing the need for costly changes and/or redesign during construction.

A CMM is hired on a fee basis as an agent of the owner and is an additional service above and beyond architectural and engineering services. This means the owner’s best interest is paramount at all times. If a CMM is brought in early during the design phase of a project, it allows the owner to take advantage of services such as Feasibility Studies and Value Engineering to ensure a budget is established early and maintained throughout the project. All work in the Construction Management process will be setup in bid packages and would be publicly opened and read.

Two common Construction Management project delivery methods are known as Construction Management Agency (CMA) and Construction Management at Risk (CMAR). A CMA method uses the CMM to act as an extension of the owner’s staff. With this, the owner holds all subcontracts. The CMM in the project generally does not self-perform any work on the building.

A CMAR method entails the CMM to provide a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) using provided bids from subcontractors and task-related projects based off of current design plans. The CMM and architect have separate contracts with the owner, but the CMM takes the financial risk of the construction project versus the owner. This is currently the most popular Construction Management delivery method.


Self-Performed Services


Estimating is one of G.A. Johnson Construction’s specialties.  We begin the estimating process immediately, encompassing the entire scope of the project.  We work with your design to provide a detailed and accurate estimate covering all the facets of the project as it evolves.  If you don’t have a design, our estimating department offers any of the following phases of a project: conceptual drawings, schematic drawings, design development, and final working drawings.



Project Development

With this process, we work in several areas as needed, including Bond Referendum Assistance, fast-track construction, long-range planning, site development, total project management or value engineering. We will work with you to see which methods we need to incorporate in the beginning during project development.


Computer-aided design and drafting is an important process to designing any home, wood structure or Chief metal building. Our in-house designer is able to draw a 3-D design to give a virtual tour, allowing for easier understanding of your future home or building. This process begins after meeting with our clients one-on-one.

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Precast/Steel Erection

Precast and Structural Steel Erection are the bones of a building’s foundation. This is commonly done on large buildings, including schools, jails, manufacturing plants, and more. Precast panels are large, prefinished concrete sheets that are lifted and placed on site with a crane. We have the experience and qualifications to do this safely and efficiently. We are an Authorized CHIEF Building erection dealer and contractor.


Framing is an extremely important part of any building, and our experienced team is qualified complete. This process generally involves a quality framer, or carpenter, is needed to get a building or addition properly off the ground, setting the groundwork for the rest of the structure. G.A. Johnson Construction framers also do specialty siding, stone framework, build decks and patios, and more.

Finish Carpentry

Finish Carpentry is the final step in the building process and is invaluable to any project. Our master craftsmen properly install cabinets, trim, molding and doors, putting the final touches on any home or building to add that perfect aesthetic appeal. Our team has many years of experience, adding value and reducing time needed on the project.


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